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a 60-year-old that makes $60,000, you don't get federal health to lower the cost of your health insurance. health insurance can still be expensive and i think this is one of the things that congress should look at. how tim prove the law to everyone has health care that's affordable. this was a piece that there were not great only options force us. californians that are losing old policies get the less new policy for them. >> let's look at the data of the team that signed up there was a lot of concern about the young people, the youpg invincibles would sign up. what did the data tell us about that? >> it's good data. here in california, you heard a lot about national websites not working et cetera. coverage ca.com is working great. we're signing up 10,000 people every single day. some of them going to medical and those people, about 21% of them are between the ages of 18 and 34. these are young people. those are the people that will be being part of our insurance pool, will make sure that in 2015, the rates for everyone stay as low as possible. >> another important demographic, l
. and, you know, we have compassion for them. but i don't think anything made me as angry as that did. >> what were you angry at? >> the fact that it happened. how could such a tragedy happen? how could they -- not they. how could something like that, how could anyone even think about hurting young children? they're starting in life, they're enjoying life, they're a pleasure to have. they're exciting to be around. and someone ends their life like that. and i think, how senseless, and why aren't we doing anything to prevent that? >> so the politics of it made you angry also? >> absolutely. that's what drove it home is that, you know, i was, like anyone else, okay, this has to be the catalyst that our congressional leaders and our state leaders are going to say, this is it. this is enough. let's do something about it. >> we all know congress didn't really do anything about it. what makes you think sunnyvale, a city that's 140,000 people, one out of a hundred cities and towns in the bay area where there's 7 million people -- what makes you think one ballot measure in one town can make a
are wide open. i think we don't advertise it a well as she should. >> many of those kids and families don't even know they are eligible for those grants. >> that's right. i've been to several high schools and asked for a show of hands, how many knew if their family made $80,000 or less they would pay no tuition at the university and hardly anyone knows that. so -- >> so they write off the university as a possibility? >> they do it early, ninth, tenth grade so they aren't taking the prerequisite classes. it is challenging, so the students to success have to be prepared coming out of high school. >> you have not been met with open arms by everyone since you've come to california. there have been protests. students in particular upset about the immigration policy, deportation when you were secretary of homeland security. do they have a point? down where they are coming from? >> i think so. the plain fact of the matter was is that i, as -- i was as the secretary of homeland security, the chief enforcement officer for the nation's immigration law. we were moving and doing things we could admin
' imagine there is a pu back from realtors. >> they don't want any more fees on the recording of real estate transactions. we actually think there is a lot of folks that do support it. business groups all over the state from silicon valley leadership group to orange county business counsel are in favor of this because affordable housing matters to job growth. you can't just employ engineer whose make $300,000 a year in your company. you have to employ folks at lower levels and they need to live closer to their jobs. >> that's where local coalition building comes in. at the county level you can do document fees and transfer taxes and you can get labor together with the affordable housing folks, people interested in parks and open space and come up with a coalition of folks to put a measure, you know, on -- in your county that might be a transfer tax that could be divided up among the various uses. i think those local coalitions can be strong in passing getting you to the 66% threshold. >> it is a dilemma, though, right, because we need growth. we need developments for jobs, for economic stimu
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)

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